Sunday, July 16, 2017

GEORGIA RULES By: Nanci Turner Stevenson

GEORGIA RULES  By: Nanci Turner Stevenson
Maggie's life is about to change, leaving Georgia behind to move to Vermont to her biological father's home after he has died. Her mother insists it is only for 365 days until they can sell the land and move somewhere else. But Maggie gets more than she ever imagined, she learns about her the father she doesn't  remember. she finds the land is a part of her that she never new existed and treasures to be uncovered. There is a family that lives in this rural country that changes not only Maggie's life, but her Moms as well. A fabulous story of change, accepting people for who they are and finding home. get the tissues handy. Ages 8-12, $16.99, Harper

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