Tuesday, December 20, 2011

PENNY AND HER SONG By: Kevin Henkes Early reader with chapters.

PENNY AND HER SONG  By: Kevin Henkes
Penny loves to sing and she wants her family to listen. But when she comes in from school the babies are sleeping and Mama and Papa don't want her to wake the babies. She has to wait and wait. Henkes doesn't disappoint with this early chapter book. Penny is delightful. $14.99 Greenwillow
There is a stuffed Penny too! $18.00 Merrymakers

YOKO LEARNS TO READ By: Rosemary Wells

YOKO LEARNS TO READ  By: Rosemary Wells
Yoko loves to be read too. Her mother has read her three books and she loves them, but at school you get a leaf for every book you read. The only problem, Yoko's mother can't read English. So Yoko start taking books out of the library and learns to read them herself. In the end Yoko's mother wants to learn to read too. A charming book that you will want to read again. Ages 3-6 $15.99  Hyperion

EXTRA YARN By: Mac Barnett

Extra Yarn  By: Mac Barnett
Annabelle found a box filled with yarn, so she began knitting. She made sweaters for everyone, and there was still yarn in the box. So she made sweaters for dogs, cats and other animals too. The yarn box never was empty. So she made sweaters for more and more things, until one day the Arch Duke stole her box. He wanted the yarn, but when he looked inside it was empty. Until....  A cozy little story. Ages 4-8 $16.99  Balzer and Bray

DINI DINOSAUR By: Karen Beaumont

DINI DINOSAUR  By: Karen Beaumont
Dini is taking a bath, that should be easy enough. But silly Dini forgets to take off clothes and keeps returning to the bath tub, forgetting to scrub here an there. Parents can relate when their little ones don't quite get the dirt off. Then the reward of a great big hug, kiss and being tucked in to bed. Ages 2-5 $14.99 Greenwillow  Coming in March 2012


Duckling gets a cookie and Pigeon wants to know why? Pigeon asked to drive the bus, for a hot dog party, a walrus and many more things and he never got one. Now Duckling how does he get a cookie? Pigeon wants to know. This new book is hilarious, sure to make everyone laugh. $15.99 Hyperion  Ages 2 and up.

OTTO THE BOOK BEAR By: Kate Cleminson

OTTO THE BOOK BEAR  By: Kate Cleminson
Otto is part of a storybook, he loves when the children read his story most of all. But when no one is awake he goes exploring. One day the family that lived in the house moves away and leaves him behind. So off he goes looking for another home. The world is big and he is only small. But he soon finds a library with many characters just like him. A charming read. Age 3 and up. $16.99 Hyperion


Fancy Nancy is determined to be the Mermaid in the ballet. But she is really disappointed for she is going to be a tree instead. A very dull tree. Will Nancy be able to make this come out fancy? When disaster strikes before the ballet, who will get the spotlight? Ages 4-7 17.99 Harper 


This book will make you laugh out loud as the Easter Bunny wants to color eggs and Skunk wants to help. Everything would be great if only Skunk could control his scent. For each time he gets excited he omits a smell that isn't very pleasant. What is the Easter Bunny going to do? A must read. Ages 2-5
Harper $12.99

I'M FAST By: Kate and Jim McMullan

I'M FAST  By: Kate and Jim McMullan
A great books for little ones that love trains and fast cars. For this speedy little train makes a bet with car that he can get to Chicago faster than the car. They travel through the desert, mountain and a blizzard. Find out who the winner will be. Ages 4-8 but I think even a two year old would love this book. Balzer and Bray $16.99

PEEPSQUEAK By: Leslie Ann Clark

PEEPSQUEAK  By: Leslie Ann Clark
Peepsqueak is a chicken, and he is determined to fly. Peepsqueak is on the move, he tries jumping off of a wall and many numerous objects, but one by one all of the animals tell him he just can't fly. Then goose comes along and offers him a ride into the sky. Now Peepsqueak can fly, but now he wants to swim! Adorable. Ages 2-5 $12.99 Harper


Petunia doesn't want to be a little girl, she wants to be a tiger. She doesn't want to take a bath and have clean clothes, she just wants to be wild. She even goes to far as to get a box and try ship herself to Africa. But then she hears Mom singing and she knows that tigers don't sing. So she saves her box for when she feels the need to be wild. Ages 3-7 $12.99  Harper

CROAK By: Gina Damico Ages 12 and up.

CROAK  By: Gina Damico
Lex Bartleby is a delinquent. She's violent, stubborn, impulsive, and in the midst of a full on rebellion. And Lex's parents are sick of it. So off to estranged uncle Mort's farm Lex goes, where her parents think she will be spending her summer shoveling cow manure and raising goats. But farming is not really on the to-do list once Lex arrives in her uncle's hometown of Croak. As it runs out, Uncle Mort is anything but a farmer. He's a Grimm Reaper. And he's about to teach Lex everything he knows. Ages 12 and up.
Maggie thought this book was hilarious! Graphia $8.99 Coming March 2012

HAVOC By: Jeff Sampson Ages 13 and up.

HAVOC  By; Jeff Sampson
Emily was hoping that her life would return to normal after the death of the man who attacked her and her friends. But it didn't. Emily is still a werewolf and danger is still lurking around every corner. Mysterious shadow men are hunting down Emily and her fellow pack-mates, and the most popular girls in school have suddenly developed super powers of their own, and another werewolf has started to prowl. Emily is desperate to find answers to who she is an dhow she become a monster, but the more she learns about herself, the more danger she puts herself in. Soon she comes face to face with her worst nightmare and is forces to make the toughest choice of herlife. Ages 13 and up. Blazer and Bray $17.99 Reviewed by Maggie Age 16.

HALO By: Alexandra Adornetto Ages 12 and up.

HALO  By: Alexandra Adornetto
Bethany came to Earth with a mission. Her siblings and she were sent from Heaven to bring good to the world falling under the influence of the Dark Forces. As the most human of her siblings, Bethany is having the most trouble concealing her super human appearance and powers. When Bethany starts to develop feelings for a human boy, Xavier Wood, things get even more difficult. Not only does Bethany have to hide her identity from Xavier, she also has to hide Xavier from her bother and sister ( not an easy task when they're celestial beings). And on top of all that, a mysterious new transfer student, Jake Thorn, seems to be channeling the Dark Forces. Bethany will do anything to protect Xavier and her new Earthly home, but as Jake's power grows it's not just Xavier who is trouble. If Bethany doesn't stop Jake, everything she knows and loves may be destroyed. Ages 12 and up. Feiwel and Friends. $16.99 Reviewed by Maggie age 16.

LEGEND By: Marie Lu Ages 14 up

LEGEND  By: Marie Lu
Day and June couldn't have been more different. A military prodigy, living in one of the Republic's wealthiest districts, June will do anything that is ordered of her. Coming from the slums, Day is the Republics number one criminal. Day and June have no reason to cross paths-until the Day makes a costly error, ending up as the prime suspect in June's brother's murder. Set on avenging her brother's death, June begins to chase Day through the slums of the Republic. But as June searched for Day, she begins to realize that he may not be who she things he is. June soon uncovers the truth about what really brought them together and the shocking lengths that her beloved Republic will go to keep its secrets hidden. Ages 14 and up. $17.99 G.P. Putnam  Reviewed by Maggie age 16.

UNLEASHED By: Nancy Holder and Debbie Vigie Ages 12 and up

UNLEASHED  By: Nancy Holder and Debbie Vigie
After her mother's untimely death, Katelyn McBride is shipped off to the middle of nowhere. Arkansas to live with her estranged grandfather. If it wasn't bad enough that Katelyn had to leave her entire life behind in Los Angles, something really strange is happening to her new small town home, Wolf Springs. Girls are going missing left and right, strange wolf like creatures have been seen lurking through the woods, and Katelyn has been, basically, placed under house arrest by her overly superstitious grandfather. Wolf Springs has secrets more sinister than Katelyn could ever imagine. The town has a dark history that reaches back centuries and Katelyn McBride is about to change everything. Ages 12 and up. $18.99 Delacorte  Reviewed by Maggie age 16.

Monday, December 19, 2011

UNDER THE NEVER SKY By: Veronica Rossi Ages 14 and up

UNDER THE NEVER SKY  By: Veronica Rossi
Exiled from her home pod, Reverie, Aria knows that her chances of surviving in the wastelands are slim, but she won't go down without a fight. Wit deadly energy storms striking suddenly, wild animals lurking around every corner, and cunning cannibals trying to keep Aria for their dinner, Aria would be lucky to even make it a week on the deadly terrain. But then Aria meets an Outsider named Perry. A savage in Aria's eyes, Perry is the only chance she's got of surviving the wastelands and returning home. Perry would normally leave a  Dweller like Aria to die, but Aria has something he needs, something that will save his nephew and his tribe from destruction. As they travel across the vast wastelands together, they form an unlikely alliance, an alliance that will determine the futures of everyone living under the never sky. Ages 14 and up. HarperCollins $17.99 Reviewed by Maggie age 16.

FORBIDDEN By: Syrie James and Ryan James Ages 13 up

FORBIDDEN  By: Syrie James and Ryan James
Claire has been attending Emerson Academy for two years now. It's the longest she and her mom have stayed anywhere and Claire is desperately trying to stay put for the rest of high school. So there is no way that Claire is going to tell her mom that she's been having strange psychic visions or that she's receiving creepy warnings from a mysterious figure as she sleeps. When Alec chose Emerson Academy, he thought it would be the perfect place to hide from his duties as an angelic watcher. He just wanted to be normal for once, but when he meets Claire all his dreams fly straight out the door. Claire is dangerous, she shouldn't exist, and Alec can't help but want to protect her. But as Claire's power s develop and her life is threatened Alec will have to choose between his beliefs and the girl that he may be falling in love with. Ages 13 and up. Harper Teen $8.99  Reviewed by Maggie age 16.