Friday, May 10, 2013

HERO ON A BICYCLE By: Shirley Hughes

HERO ON A BICYCLE  By: Shirley Hughes
When thirteen-year-old Paolo is waiting to have the war end, he dreams of fighting for the resistance. So he sneaks out at night on his bicycle. And it is thrilling, until he is accosted by the Partisans. Little does he know that his mother has been asked to help. What happens to Paolo and his family will keep you on the edge. Told from a very skillful writer, you will feel like you are in Florence Italy and it is 1944. $15.99   Ages 10 and up. Candlewick Press

BINK & GOLLIE BEST FRIENDS FOREVER By: Kate DiCamillo and Alison McGhee

BINK & GOLLIE BEST FRIENDS FOREVER  By: Kate DiCamillo and Alison McGhee
A funny little beginning reader about two best friends who will make you laugh out loud. Gollie is sure she has royal blood flowing through her veins. Bink just wants to grow tall enough to reach the peanut butter jar. With all the antics these two come up with your child is sure to cherish the time it takes to read this book. Ages 6-9. Candlewick Press $15.99


Billy Miller is really worried about starting second grade. He just doesn't think he is smart enough.But this quirky little story will have you relating to Billy's anxiety. From relationships with his friends to worrying about what he said to his teacher, you will be laughing with your child.  Sometimes I think that Kevin Henkes has a way of seeing into the minds of children and making the trials of growing up come to life. Coming in September 2013. Ages 8-12  $16.99  Greenwillow Books

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


When Fancy Nancy's sister JoJo decides to draw a tattoo on Nancy's doll in permanent marker she is so upset she doesn't know what to do. So her mother suggest that she throw a fancy doll tea party. Nancy is so excited and begins to plan. Will that end her anger toward her sister JoJo. A great new book that your girls will enjoy. Ages 4-8 $17.99  Harper


When a hungry fox meets a very plump goose, he asks her to dinner. Will dinner go as the fox has planned with the goose as his meal? I think not. He has come across one goose that outfoxes him. Mo Willems captures this tale brilliantly. Ages 4-8  $17.99  Harper

POEMS TO LEARN BY HEART By: Caroline Kennedy

POEMS TO LEARN BY HEART  By: Caroline Kennedy  Illustrated by: Jon Muth
This isn't your standard poetry book. An extensive collection of poems that are not found in many books for children. That is why it is important to own this book. These poems celebrate every moment in life and I agree with Kennedy how important it is to memorize a favorite poem, for it stays with you forever. I will get this for my grandchildren to treasure forever. $19.99 Hyperion  All ages, even adult!


When Pinkalicious and Peter go for a walk in the park, they discover that it is filled with junk. What to do? So Pinkalicious takes her magic wand out and through a pinkatastic rhyme she changes the junk into treasures. Your children will love what she makes in this park. Ages 5-8 $17.99  Harper

SLEEP LIKE A TIGER By; Mary Logue Illustrated By: Pamela Zagarenski

SLEEP LIKE A TIGER  By: Mary Logue  Illustrated By: Pamela Zagarenski
A child wants to know if everything in the world goes to sleep? Her parents let her know how each animal goes to sleep after she asks about bats, whales, grizzly bears and many more. A book your family will treasure and enjoy reading over and over again. Sleep Like a Tiger won a Caldecott Honor. $16.99 Houghton Mifflin

Chu's Day By: Neil Gaiman Illustrated By: Adam Rex

CHU'S DAY  By: Neil Gaiman Illustrated By: Adam Rex

Chu is a panda with a big sneeze. Anticipating the sneeze is quite an adventure. The illustrations in this simple but lovable book make all the difference. Will he sneeze and what will happen. When it does you child will squeal with delight. The publisher says ages 4-8 but a two year old would adore this book too. $17.99 Harper

BOY ON THE PORCH By: Sharon Creech

Boy On the Porch By: Sharon Creech
When a young couple find a boy asleep on their porch chair they don't know what to do. In his pocket is a note                                                                               "Plees taek kair of Jacob.
  He is a good boy.
  Wil be bak
  when we can."
So they do take care of him and grow to love him. Even though he does not speak and only taps. And they worry that they will come back. But soon they find ways to communicate with Jacob, finding he is a really quick learner. He can play tunes on an old guitar they found for him. And he learns to paint beautiful pictures with the paints and paper they get for him.
But all to soon that dreaded day comes. Now they are alone again. What happens to this remarkable couple will touch your heart. I haven't read a book like this before. It is a keeper. Ages 8-12  $16.99 Joanna Colter books coming September 2013 

THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN By: Katherine Applegate

THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN  By: Katherine Applegate
Winner of this years Newbery Award, Katherine Applegate one my heart with her wonderful development of the the gorilla Ivan. Ivan is living at a mall in a video arcade. He has friends, and elderly elephant named Stella, and Bob a stray dog. But mostly Ivan thinks about art. He actually paints pictures that are sold at the gift shop. 
Then one day a baby elephant arrives, taken from her family. Ruby is her name. She is frightened and Ivan tries to help. He know that he doesn't want her hurt like they have Stella. So Ivan sets out to save her with his painting. 
A book that will leave an appreciation for all animals and your child will love. Ages 8-12 $16.99  Harper

CAT TALK By: Patricia MacLachlan

CAT TALK  By: Patricia MacLachlan
I must confess I am a dog lover, but this poetry book makes me appreciate how cats are beautiful.
"Sylvie, the Boss
I am the boss cat.
I twitch my tail to prove it. 
I boss the dogs.
I boss my people.
I boss Romeo, the cat I live with,
 Whenever I can.
I like three things: 
My food
My windowsill
My people. 
Ant that's enough."
Your children will love the great illustrations by Barry Moser. A perfect poetry book.  Ages 4-8 $17.99 Katherine Tegen Books