Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hello readers of my blogspot. I seem to have made an error and want to let you know immediately. Strawberry Hill and Confetti Girl will not be available in paperback unitl May 1, 2010. I was so excited when the covers arrived from Little Brown, I just got on the computer and went full speed ahead. It is wonderful to get packages from publishers and read books that will be forthcoming. But sometimes you forget you have to wait. So in the mean time they are both available in hardcover if you just can't wait. It is snowing here and I am going to curl up with a new galley so I can let you know what other books I love. Have a great day. Marcia

Confetti Girl, great read

One of my favorite books has just come out in paperback. Lina is a real sockiophile, the perfect socks for every occasion. Her best friend is just discovering boys and has a major crush. But when she is helping Vanessa's Mom make cascarones, hallowed our eggshells filled with a rainbow of confetti Lina finds what friendship is all about. $5.99 ages 9 up

Strawberry Hill, Good read aloud

STRAWBERRY HILL By: Marya Ann Hoberman
This wonderful novel just came out in paperback and I am sure you will find it charming. When Allie is ten she moves into a new home. The area is called Strawberry Hill, but it isn't loaded with strawberries like she thought. Allie has to find a new best friend and all the changes that go with moving. I loved this book and am sure your child will too.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cowgirl, imagination, humor

Nellie Sue is looking forward to her birthday, she is sure that the new horse will arrive in time for her birthday. She reckons everything is better with a horse.
When she does her chores, harvesting hay (raking the lawn), mucking the stalls
(cleaning the cage), she is always thinking of a horse. So when her
birthday arrives ...... You'll just have to read it to find out. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.
$16.99 Ages 4 up Dutton Publishing

Children's Garden, Projects

I am so ready for some sunshine I am leaping into spring and summer. We have 10 inches of snow on the ground and I need to think of warm weather and working the soil. So forgive me if this is way to early for you.
This books has wonderful ideas for you to plant with your children. If you follow the directions you may see luscious strawberries or your own secret garden. Maybe if you get one early you can start planning with your child. $12.99 all ages

Inventions, Robots

Oh what fun it would be to be and inventor of things. Wendel works very hard in his workshop and if something doesn't work out, into the scrap heap it goes. Then one day he invents a robot and it isn't doing exactly what he wants it to do. So out it goes. But when he builds a new robot, it has a mind of it's own. Wendel is tossed into the scrap heap and he has to retaliate. Boys and girls will love this clever mouse as much as I do. Ages 4-8 or for any tinkerer out there. $16.99 Katherine Tegen Books

Trees, Silly Stories

Mr. Potter lives in a nice little house all by himself. One day he sees a dog outside under a tree and invites him into the house. Mr. Potter is happy for a while until he thinks the tree should be inside too. So he brings the tree inside and soon it takes over the house. Well trees grow and so does the problem. Your family will love the way the problem is solved. Ages 4-8 - but I will share it with my 10 year old grandson, just for fun.
$16.99 Harper Publishing

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tutus, Tomboys, Presents

Children get presents for the holidays or birthdays
and sometimes it isn't what they are expecting. When Emma gets a Tutu from her Uncle Leo she
hasn't a clue how to dance like a ballerina. She gets
lots of advice and none of it helps. Uncle Leo comes to see Emma and asks how she liked her safari costume. Oops! Wrong delivery. Everyone will enjoy the humor in this book. Ages 3 up $16.99 Dial Publishers.

Chickens, humor

BIG CHICKENS GO TO TOWN By: Leslie Helakoski
I had the pleasure of meeting Leslie and she has a marvelous sense of humor when it comes to writing for children.
This time the chickens accientally get on the truck headed to town. They are
bumping along and fall off in the city. There they
worry about everything, from not liking some
thing to not ever finding their way home. All
children will appreciate the humor.
Dutton Publishers $16.99 Ages 3 up

Librarian, Reluctant Reader

By: Barbara Bottner
What a great book for everyone. Missy doens't like any books a all. But Miss Brooks the school librarian keeps sending books home with Missy until one day she finds the perfect book. Missy is a delightful character you will surely love.
Knopf publishers. Coming March 2010. $17.99

Easter, Jan Brett, Bunnies

Easter is a very special time of the year for the bunnies. If the Easter Bunny picks your decorated egg you get to help in the delivery of Easter. Hoppi is trying to decide how to decorate an egg. Everyone has wonderful ideas and Hoppi cannot decide. Then he spots a robins egg that has fallen out
of a tree. Hoppi helps out by sitting on the egg in all
kinds of weather, and forgets about the decorating. When the Easter Bunny arrives guess who he picks.
Wonderful illustrations, and a charming story. Sure to please all. Putnam $17.99