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MENAGERIE By: Tui T. and Kari Sutherland Ages 8-12

MENAGERIE  By: Tui T. and Kari Sutherland
What a fabulous new book targeted for elementary students.
When Logan and his father move to Wyoming in search of his mother, Logan is alone without friends. But one day he runs into two kids searching for something. They don't want his help, but when he finds a baby griffin in his bedroom he knows he has found what they were looking for. When he goes to take it back to them he discovers a magical menagerie filled with a treasure trove of mystical creatures. I loved this book and it leaves you wanting more. My grandson read it and can't wait for the sequel.  Coming in March 2013. Harper  $16.99  Ages 8-12.

PERIOD 8 By: Chris Crutcher Ages 14 and up

PERIOD 8  By: Chris Crutcher
Period 8 is a classroom like no other. This is where students can come in and tell their hopes, dreams and fears. The students love their teacher. So when Paulie confesses to his girlfriend Hannah that he was unfaithful and she drops him, that is where they both go for help.  Logs (as the kids refer to their teacher) listens, but lets the kids work out their own answers. Then Paulie's friend Arney asks if it is okay to date Hannah. Paulie really doesn't want to say yes, but he does. Turns out Arney has a different agenda, he is more creepy than he comes across and everyone who comes in his path is in danger. I really liked the book, however I had issues with the language. I couldn't give it to school library for that reason and that is too bad for it is a perfect book about a bully. There is so much to talk about in this book that with parental permission, I highly recommend it. Coming April 2013. $17.99 Greenwillow Books   Ages 14 and up.


SHADOWLANDS  By: Kate Brian 
When Rory Miller survives an attack by a serial killer, her family must go into witness protection. Starting over on Jupiter Landing. But things are eerie here too. Rory keeps sensing that her stalker has followed her and will keep coming. A very unusual  book that reminds me of Hitchcock, a little creepy. Ages 14 and up  Hyperion $17.99

PULSE By: Patrick Carman Ages 13 and up

PULSE By: Patrick Carman
The year 2051, only two States are left one in the east and one in west. Most people have chosen to live within the boundaries of the States, but some have chosen to live in remnants of what is left. This is where you find Faith, starting a new school, for all the other ones have closed. Few students remain to fill the schools. There are no teachers, they are being taught by their tablets. Of course there is someone in charge, but they just watch over the students. But Faith's world is turned upside down when she learns that she can move objects with her mind, she and only a few other people have a special pulse. This is an unforgettable story that will make you begging for more. Katherine Tegen Books  Ages 13 and up. $17.99.   A book that is not to be missed.

PROPHECY By: Ellen Oh Ages 13 and up

PROPHECY  By: Ellen Oh

Kira is the greatest Warrior in all of the seven kingdoms. She is feared by many for she is different, she has yellow eyes. It is her responsibility to keep the prince safe. When the kings in many territories start being murdered it is up to Kira to find the Dragon King's Prophecy. She encounters many obstacles along the way and is in constant danger. But she has to recover three objects to be able to defeat the evil in the kingdom. This fast paced novel will keep you reading. $17.99 Ages 13 and up. Harper

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