Sunday, December 18, 2016


Imagine being so smart that you are allowed to help in a university lab, but of course everything has its trade offs. Madeline has a hard time making friends due to the fact she treats most things like a science experiment. Going into middle school is hard for most people but even harder for Madeline because she has a bleeding disorder called Von Willebrand disease, which causes her to have blood that does not clot well. This leads to long and unexpected bloody nose which complicate matters more. Also her one and only best friend is going to a fancy private school, Madeline is stuck at the normal public school. To make matters worse her famous scientist grandpa just died, plus at the estate sale her mom found a painting of a naked lady that she insists they keep. Things are not in great shape for Madeline.
I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys realistic fiction that is funny and full of mishaps. Readers who are in 4th -7th grade would probably like this book the most, but it would be a great read for everyone.  Reviewed by Ella age 13  Harcourt Childrens Books $16.99


Things always seem to go wrong for Lawrence. After majorly disrupting a school assembly Lawrence is incredibly close to being kicked out of school. As an alternative, he gets placed in a buddy program that pairs a freshman with an older student. Lawrence gets paired with the newly immigrated Norwegian, Spencer. Spencer is super smart, but he is totally different than anyone Lawrence has ever known, Lawrence's quest to make Spencer fit in while he is working on this her manages to get involved in quite a few problems with quite a few people. This is a very fast moving funny books. Perfect for grades 8-12. Harper Teen $17.99  Reviewed by Ella age 13

Eva's review age 10
I really liked this book because it was kind of a mystery, very exciting, and had lots of adventure. The main character Lawrence was paired with Spencer in a freshman buddy program. Spencer was smart and funny and her was my favorite character. Spencer called plans that were supposed to be good and failed the boomerang effect.

NOTHING BUT TROUBLE By: Jacqueline Davies

NOTHING BUT TROUBLE  By: Jacqueline Davies
Maggie is unlike all of her peers. The main difference is that she hacks. Hacks are harmless tricks and jokes that make people laugh, but all hacks must be safe and easy to dismantle. When a new girl, Lena, moves to the small town that Maggie lives in it is big news. Maggie quickly becomes friends with Lena and their hacking adventures begin. From making the gym floor explode safely to rigging the class presidential election Maggie and Lena are two very unique girls who are sure to have you laughing. This is a great book for any middle schooler who wants to have fun reading! Reviewed by Ella age 13. Katherine Tegen Books $16.99