Thursday, January 29, 2015

FIRST SNOW By: Peter McCarty

FIRST SNOW  By: Peter McCarty

Pedro comes to visit and he has never seen snow. But he is just in time for a big snowfall. However Pedro doesn't like the cold and doesn't want to go outside. Until his cousins tell him to get on some warm clothes and come outside. Pedro doesn't want to make snow angels, or catch the snow on his tongue, but when they go sledding with the other children, Pedro loves the snow and is no longer cold.

WHO WANTS A HUG? By: Jeff Mack

WHO WANTS A HUG?  By: Jeff Mack
Bear loves to Hug and when he sees Skunk he tells him he needs a hug. Skunks says no way, skunks don't hug. Then Skunk tries to trick bear into a smelly mess, but Skunk gets skunked. In this uproariously funny book, you will have the children asking you to read it again and again. Ages 4-8 $17.99 Harper

GOODNIGHT ALREADY By: Jory John & Benji Davies

GOODNIGHT ALREADY  By: Jory John & Benji Davies
A charming look at a bear that just wants to go to sleep, but the little duck that just keeps coming over. Poor bear, what is he going to do? Kids will love this book as it is just what they do to get out of going to sleep. Ages 4-8 Harper $17.99

MAHALIA JACKSON By: Nina Nolan Illustraded by: John Holyfield

MAHALIA JACKSON  By: Nina Nolan  Illustrated by: John Holyfield
The story of Mahalia Jackson and how she loved gospel music. At a young age she learned that people loved to hear her sing . But many hardships along the way forced her to seek other work. Eventually she made her way to singing what she loved best. Mahalia is an inspiration to all. Ages 4-8 $17.99 Amistad

MY NAME IS TRUTH By: Ann Turner Illustrated by: James Ransome

MY NAME IS TRUTH  By: Ann Turner Illustrated by: James Ransome
With stunning illustrations this beautifully crafted book tells the story of how Sojourner Truth was born, along with twelve brothers and sisters. Then sold off into slavery. A great read for children to learn how one woman rose above what happened in her life to make a better life. Ages 6-10 $17.99 Harper