Sunday, June 8, 2014

SAY WHAT YOU WILL By: Cammie McGovern

SAY WHAT YOU WILL   By: Cammie McGovern
Reading this book I needed about a box of tissues. Not because it was terribly sad, but so powerful and humbling to meet the cast of characters. Amy is going into senior high school, she has CP and has always had an adult aide take her from class to class. She fights with her mother to allow her to hire students her age so she can make friends. Amy has to use a voice synthesizer to speak, so really she has never had the opportunity to just be alone with her peers. Then Amy bravely writes to one of the students she want to help her, Matthew. He has his own issues, which Amy thinks she can help. What evolves is more than friendship, if they can ever get the courage to admit it. A must read. Ages 14 and up. Harper Teen $17.99