Sunday, March 25, 2012

STARTERS By: Lissa Price

STARTERS  By: Lissa Price
When the Spore Wars came only children and the very old were left alive, for they were the only ones vaccinated. So Callie and her little brother Tyler were left on their own, with new laws preventing her from working and living in abandoned buildings. Tyler is really ill and Callie has to make some money. Their is an alternative, not one that she want to take, but she doesn't seem to have a choice. So Callie goes to Prime Destination. Here she will have a chip put in her brain so that an Elder can rent her body. All she has to do is rent her body out three times and she will get enough money so they won't have to live on the streets anymore. But then weird things begin to happen and she can't go back to Prime, someone says they would kill her if that happened. What will she do?
A great novel that keeps you wondering until the last page. $17.99 Ages 12 on up.  Delacorte Press

Friday, March 9, 2012

KATE AND PIPPIN By: Martin Springett

KATE AND PIPPIN  By: Martin Springett
This is a true story of two unlikely companions. Kate, a great dane and Pippin a motherless fawn. When Isobel brings a fawn home that lost his mother, Kate takes to being Pippins mother. She cuddles her and lets her follow everywhere. When she is finally strong enough to go outside she disappears into the woods. What happens is remarkable.
I read this book to my four year old grandson and then followed up with a youtube visit to see them together. Aidan loved the book and was fascinated by the story. Ages 4 up. $16.99 Henry Holt

MAY B. By: Caroline Starr Rose Ages 9-12

MAY B.  By: Caroline Starr Rose
May B. is sent to help at a homestead fifteen miles from home. Her pa promises it is only till Christmas. May B. is to work for these newlyweds, cook, clean and help out with a homesick bride. But when the bride runs off and her husband follows, May is left on her own. Soon she realizes that no one is coming back. She is in a sod house in the middle of nowhere. It will be five months before her father comes to fetch her. Told in prose, you feel like you are in the sod house with May B. hoping that she will have enough food to make it till Christmas. Ages 9-12 Schwartz and Wade $15.99

EYE OF THE STORM By: Kate Messner

EYE OF THE STORM  By: Kate Messner
After the last weeks of tornadoes this incredible book arrives for the store. You are taken to Placid Meadows, a community that is safe from all storms. All around houses are gone and tornadoes come all the time. No one in this futuristic time is safe anymore. Shelters are everywhere. Jaden is spending the summer with her father in this community he built. She is there to go to a science camp. Jaden and Alex are partners in the science camp,  they uncover a dark secret in their research. Will they be able to change the outcome of the storms and save lives? This fast paced novel will keep you glued to the very last page.
Ages 12-18 $16.99 Walker

Monday, March 5, 2012


Ellie is really quite smart and loves to be in the Journey of the Mind club. But when her friends try to convince her to try out for the soccer team, she gives it her best shot. Especially since her dad is the the coach. But what she really wants to do is just be in her club. Then something unthinkable happens! Two tournaments on the same day, and Ellie is going to try and be in two places at the same time. Will she succeed? Ages 7-12 Bloomsbury  $12.99

Saturday, March 3, 2012

WHAT THE DOG SAID By: Randi Reisfeld

WHAT THE DOG SAID  By: Randi Reisfeld
Grace is overcome with grief at the loss of her father. She stops doing anything with her friends, homework and locks herself in her room. Her older sister Regan is the opposite and is determined to get into the Parson's School of Design with a brilliant essay. She has decided to rescue a dog from the shelter and train it to be a guide dog. When the sisters go to the shelter, one dog Rex starts talking to Grace. Only she can hear him and she convinces Regan to take that mange looking dog. But instead of Regan taking the dog for training, Grace is given the task. What happens is remarkable, with the help of Rex and his uncanny ability to help Grace with the grieving process, she also uncovers the murder of her policeman father. This book really shows what if feels like to lose someone you love. I would recommend it to anyone struggling to overcome loss. They say ages 9-12, but the Grace is 13 and I would got till age 14. $16.99 Bloomsbury

NIGHTMARE GARDEN By: Caitlin Kittredge #2 Iron Codex Ages 12 and up

NIGHTMARE GARDEN  By: Caitlin Kittredge
Everything Aoife Grayson thought she knew about the world was a lie. The "necrovirus" that has supposedly been turning people into monsters is a hoax thought up by the government, and Aoife isn't infected by it like she was led to believe. But Aoife is different, like her brother, Conrad, she is half human and half Fae. She comes from the land of Thorn and has a destiny greater than they could ever comprehend. the world is ending, cities are crumbling, and the great engine that protects humans form the evil creature of Thorn is dying. And Aoife is the only one who can make things right again. Ages 12 and up. Delacorte $17.99  Reviewed by Maggie.

GATHERING STORM By: Robin Bridges Ages 12 and up.

GATHERING STORM  By: Robin Bridges
Katerina Alexandrovna, Duchess of Oldenburg, detests going to balls. She never understood the pint of dancing around in uncomfortable, heavy dresses, while clumsy boys tried to win her favor. She would have much rather been locked away in her room reading the old medical tomes that she sneaked away from her father's library. But of course, Katerina never gets anything she wants. To her utter horror she has caught the eye of two dashing young royals, Prince Danilo of Montenegro and George Alexandrovich, the tsar's standoffish son. The more time Katerina spends with Danilo and George, the more she realizes that something sinister is brewing in St. Petersburg. And Katerina will be the only one who can stop it. Ages 12 and up. Delacorte $17.99 Reviewed by Maggie.

ZERO By: Tom Leveen Young Adult

ZERO  By: Tom Leveen
Zero's life was a total disaster. Her parents were constantly fighting, her father was spiraling into alcoholism, her best and only friend wasn't speaking to her, and she was recently rejected from the school of her dreams. As far as Zero was concerned, everything was hopeless. But then, on a spur of the moment, Zero decides to go see her favoirte band play at a local club. She had no idea the HE would be there, looking at her with those amazing sapphire eyes. No idea that with, just one glance, her life would change forever. Ages 14 and up. *Sex(graphic) Reviewed by Maggie $16.99 Random House coming in April 2012

HARMONIC FEEDBACK By: Tara Kelly Young Adult

After much deliberation, Drea's psychiatrists have determined that she has a "touch of Asperger's and ADHD." Just add it to the list of reasons why she can't seem to make any friends. But then Drea's mom moves her to a new town and something strange happens: Drea meets Naomi and Justin, tow other outsiders, and they actually seem to like her. After an impromptu jam session, the three new friends decide to go for a "trip-hop" band. Drea is in Heaven. She no longer has to close herself off from her family and friends. But just when Drea has found two true friends, can she stand to lose one of them? Ages 14 and up. Reviewed by Maggie. $16.99 Henry Holt

GRAFFITI MOON By: Cath Crowley Young Adult

GRAFFITI MOON  By: Cath Crowley
Senior year is over, and Lucy has come up with he perfect way for her friends and her to celebrate: tonight they are going to find Shadow, the mysterious graffiti artist whose work is painted all across the city. He's out there somewhere, Lucy knows he is. He's been spraying birds and blue skies and girls with blowing hair and grassy hearts. Shadow is a guy that Lucy could fall for and tonight she is going to meet him. As it would turn out the only guy who know show to find Shadow is the guy that Lucy has been avoiding for the past two years since she broke his nose on one of the worst dates in history. But Lucy won't let a little awkwardness get in her way. She is so determined to find Shadow that she can't see the one thing that has been right in front of her eyes. Ages 14 and up Knopf $16.99 Reviewed by Maggie.

JUST YOUR AVERGAE PRINCESS By: Kristina Springer Ages 12 and up

Ever since Jamie Edward's cousin Milan stepped out of Jamie's dad's pickup truck and onto her family's pumpkin farm things have really started to suck. Jamie knows that she should feel sorry for Milan. She did just move all the way from Los Angeles and Jamie knows that life on the farm can be a little .... tough. But it's hard to feel sorry for someone who's drop-dead gorgeous, a famous Hollywood starlight, has captured the attention on Jamie's crush Danny, and is about to steal the title of Pumpkin Princess right out from under her. It's time for Jamie to take matters into her own hands. Ages 12 and up Farrah Straus Giroux $15.99 Reviewed by Maggie.

DEVIANT By: Adrian McKinty Young Adult

DEVIANT  By: Adrian McKinty
After making a few mistakes back home in Las Vegas, Danny Lopez finds himself as Colbalt Junior High Charter school's newest attendant. Located in Colorado, Colbalt is an experimental school for "touch cases." The students are forced to wear white gloves and everything the teachers and students say is scripted. Danny gets the feeling that there is something strange going on at Colbalt, he just doesn't know what. But then one of Danny's classmate's cats turn up dead and Danny's friends start to receive creepy messages from someone by the name of "Ingrid cold." Danny begins to investigate and soon finds himself as the newest target of a killer determined to 'clean up' Colorado Springs. Ages 14 and up. $16.95 Abrams Reviewed by Maggie.