Thursday, March 6, 2014


SCHOOL OF CHARM  By: Lisa Ann Scott                                                                                    Chip faces may sad events in her life. Because her father died, the family must move in with her grandmother in North Carolina. Her grandmother does not accept Chip because she is not beautiful like her two sisters. Chip loves nature and is a "'tomboy." Luckily, Chip discovers a school of charms run by Miss Vernie and decides to try to be in a beauty pageant with her sisters. Miss Vernie helps Chip learn to be herself and to get along with the two other girls at the school--on is African American at a time when blacks have not been accepted in beauty pageants (around 1977) and one feels bad about herself because she is overweight and her stepfather always reminds her of it.  Many times throughout the book Chip wants her dead father to send her a sign to show her how to get along with her family since she feels she is so different from them. This book deals with many problems middle-schoolers face, being beautiful, diversity, death of loved ones, and getting along with their family and peers. Most of all, the characters learn to communicate with each other and to see that being beautiful is being true to yourself. Ages 8-12 Katherine Tegen Books Review written by: Julie Hoch

MAYBE ONE DAY By: Melissa Kantor

MAYBE ONE DAY  By: Melissa Kantor
Friendship is a beautiful thing, especially when you have something in common. Zoe and Olivia have been best friends forever. They both can't wait to become famous ballerinas and live in New York together when they finish with high school But then their dreams are crushed when they are kicked out of the exclusive dance class. They don't think anything worse can happen after that, but it does Olivia gets sick and Zoe has to find the courage to help her friend. Please bring a box of tissues with you when you read this unforgettable novel. I read it from cover to cover in one sitting. (some language) $17.99  Harper Teen  A must read.