Thursday, March 31, 2016

UNDER THEIR SKIN By: Margaret Peterson Haddix

UNDER THEIR SKIN  By: Margaret Peterson Haddix
Nick and Eryn are twins and they are about to get the shock of their lives. Mom is remarrying and they are going to have step siblings. But their Mon says they will never have to meet, for Ava and Jackson will only be living in the house in the house on the week they are at their fathers house. Of course that sets off all sorts of red flags and you know how curious twelve year old children can be. But when they find the bedrooms locked of their new siblings they just get more curious. What happens, well I won't tell you, for when I found out I actually gasped. Haddix has a way of making you glued to what you are reading. An excellent read. Ages 10 and up. Simon and Schuster $16.99

LUCKY By: Chris Hill

LUCKY  By: Chris Hill
Lucky just happens to be a red squirrel who has been transported by an animal to a new territory of grey squirrels. These squirrels are called Cloudfoots. They are trying to save their territory from the invading species of Northenders. All the Cloudfoots are given roles to stop the invasion. But will Lucky be able to compete with the grey squirrels and help? A nice read for those reading a little longer chapter books. Ages 6-9  Chicken House  $16.99

Sunday, March 27, 2016


How an author can pack so few words into a picture book and come out with a story that is perfect is beyond the imagination. But Denise does just that. Her illustrations of Michael dressing the dog makes for a hilarious book. It involves all the colors, from yellow socks, striped shirt to blue pants with pockets. Sure to delight all little ones. Can't wait to give it to my grand kids in South Carolina. Henry Holt and Company $17.99  available 4/12/2016


SAVING WONDER  By: Mary Knight
A remarkable new voice in children's literature has emerged. Mary Knight takes us to the Appalachian mountains in Kentucky. Curley lives with his Papaw on the mountain of Wonder Gap. The main source of income in the mountains is coal.
Curley's, Papaw makes him use his words, he teaches him a new word every week, starting with the a's and working their way through the alphabet. He has to use the word all week long. It has become a tradition, but he doesn't use them at school for the kids think he is showing off. 
Curley's best friend is Jules, they have been friends their whole lives. But the coal mine has been sold and things are about to change. Jules finds she likes the new coal miners son, and Curley is feeling left out. Then Papaw gets sick and the new owner of the coal mines decides he is going to take the top of the mountain off to get coal. Will they be able to save their mountain and their tree.Curley is about out find out  if all those words he has been learning will make a difference.  Will Wonder Gap ever be the same. Please try this new book, I am sure your children will love it. Ages 10 up  Scholastic  $16.99


Max has two homes now, and weekends with Dad. Max is in third grade now and he really is looking forward to being with his dad. He becomes Agent Pepperoni and dad becomes Agent Cheese. But Max has a lot to work out with his Dad and a new neighborhood. On each weekend Max and his dad find many new adventures and a way of being honest with each other. A great read. Ages 6-9  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books $16.99 

SWEET HOME ALASKA By: Carole Estby Dagg

SWEET HOME ALASKA  By: Carole Estby Dagg
The great depression is in full swing and Terpsichore's family is slowly running out of food. There is an offer for those on assistance to move to Alaska and claim a parcel of land, but her father doesn't want to go on assistance. So Terpsichore decides to fill out the forms so she can go to Alaska with her best friend. Things don't turn out quite like she plans, and Alaska isn't her mothers favorite place. Will Terpsichore be able to convince her mother to remain in Alaska. Great historical fiction. Just learning to say her name is fun. I am sure your children will love this book. Ages 10 on up Nancy Paulsen Books $16.99

MAYBE A FOX By: Kathi Appelt and Alison McGhee

MAYBE A FOX  By: Kathi Appelt and Alison McGhee
A powerful novel of a beautiful relationship with two sisters that is about to come to an end. Jules and Sylvie are sisters that are only a year apart in age. One 11 and the other 12. Sylvie is always running, she has to be the fastest runner and Jules is always upset because she can't keep up. Mom has died and Dad leaves the girls to get off on the bus by themselves. As they are old enough. But this particular day it is snowing and the girls run out in their pajamas and go build a miniature snow family. They build it on the path to the slip. This is the place they are never allowed to go. But Sylvie decides to run that morning and says she will be right back. Only she doesn't return. 
Between chapters is the story of a fox that is born and has two brothers, this fox has a connection to Jules. She knows that Jules needs her. To Jules foxes are good luck. What happens is amazing. You must read this book to find out. Ages 10-14  Atheneum  $16.99

BOOKED By: Kwame Alexander

BOOKED  By: Kwame Alexander
Nick is only twelve-years-old and he has to keep up on his reading,  his father being a linguistics professor, listen to his mother, stand up to a bully, and impress a girl. All this while his parents are heading for divorce. He does have a best friend Coby and Mac the cool librarian who helps him navigate life with the books he has him read. All done in verse, this is a great read. Ages 10-12  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books $16.99

DEMON DENTIST By: David Walliams

DEMON DENTIST  By: David Walliams
Beware the tooth fairy has begun to leave odd gifts under the pillows of all the children in town. Dead slugs, live spiders, bat wings. Instead of the usual treat children are screaming when they wake up. Who can possibly be doing such rotten things to the children. Then the regular dentist retires and in her place a dentist who insists on be called Mummy arrives. Will Alfie be able to help the children after Mummy gets him in the dentist chair. A riotous book your children will love. Great illustrations by Tony Ross. Sure to be a winner in any household. Ages 8-12  Harper  $16.99


Dan Gutman takes four children on an adventure of a lifetime. A mysterious billionaire is sending these kids back in time to capture on of Americas most important moments in time. The Gettysburg Address. What a great way to experience the past. Your children will love every minute of this book. Ages 8-12 Harper $16.99