Thursday, April 24, 2014

SNORING BEAUTY By: Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen

SNORING BEAUTY  By: Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen
When Mouse tries to go to sleep the night before his wedding, he just can't for Sleeping Beauty is snoring away. Desperate to sleep he makes a plan to have the prince kiss her and make her stop. But the prince can't believe the noise she is making. In this hilarious spoof, you will laugh along with the characters. A gem of a book. Ages 4-8 $17.99  Harper 

GOING PLACES By: Peter and Paul Reynolds

GOING PLACES  By: Peter and Paul Reynolds
When the teacher hands out boxes to each of her students, it says Going Places. Rafael can't wait to put his together. When he is done it is a go-cart, he is so proud of his cart. Then he looks next door to see how Maya is doing and she is just sitting on her box looking at a bird. The next time he looks she has made her cart into wings like an airplane. So they decide to collaborate. Amazing what tow minds can come up with. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. When my son, now grown with a son of his own. Loved the Peter Spier book Oh Were they Ever Happy. I know this will be on the list of books I will purchase for his son. 
$15.99 Ages 4-8 Atheneum


Okay, I don't know how Jane O'Connor does it, but she made the perfect book for little girls who would love to be in a wedding. Fancy Nancy is sure she is going to be a flower girl, she will have the most beautiful dress and stay up past midnight. But when her Uncle Cal says the wedding is to be a surprise, Nancy is shocked. There going to have a morning wedding, not a traditional one. Will this be a great wedding or a disappointment. Make sure you get a copy! Ages 4-8  Harper $17.99

MAPLE By: Lori Nichols

MAPLE  By: Lori Nichols
Maple is a wonderful little girl, her parents planted a Maple tree when she was born. So when Maple grew so did her tree. When would go out to play and sing to her tree, try to throw snowballs at it, but it didn't throw back. He tree didn't even mind if she was noisy. One day her parents had another baby, and in her honor they plant another tree. Read this book to find out what they name this baby. I read this to my grandson's class and they really loved the book. Ages 2-7  $16.99 Nancy Paulsen Books


Eddie Red is a code name for Edmund. He has a photographic memory and sees a a crime. So the police call him into the station so he can describe the man to a sketch artist. Well the sketch artist isn't doing the drawing right and Edmund says he can draw it better. Well he does and so begins his job with the police department. He is to go undercover and watch for some art thieves. The humor in this book made me laugh out loud while I was reading it. Very entertaining. $16.99 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

SHERLOCK, LUPIN & ME By: Irene Adler

SHERLOCK, LUPIN & ME  By: Irene Adler
Irene Adler is on vacation with her overprotective family in Saint-Malo in 1870. She runs across a boy her age near the beach. He is William Sherlock who tells Irene that her powers of observation aren't very good. But he helps her evade her caretaker Mr. Nelson with the help of his friend Lupin. The three become fast friends and try to solve a missing diamond necklace and and dead man on the beach. Their is intrigue and mischief galore. A great read. $12.95 Ages 8-12  Capstone

A SNICKER OF MAGIC By: Natalie Lloyd

A SNICKER OF MAGIC  By: Natalie Lloyd
Felicity Pickle collects words, words people are thinking about, words that glow, dance or just make her happy. But the one thing she wants more than the words she collects is a real home. Her mother moves at a moments notice. Then something wonderful happens when her Mama's van pulls into a town called Midnight Gulch. This is where her luck is going to change, she just knows it. The town used to be magical and that is what Felicity's words seem to be, and with the help of two new friends she is about to find out. Ages 9-13 $16.99 Scholastic

HALF A CHANCE By: Cynthia Lord

HALF A CHANCE  By: Cynthia Lord
 Lucy just moved to New Hampshire lake with her famous dad, who is a photographer.  So when she hears their is a photography contest she decides to enter knowing her father is the judge. Lucy just wants to show him that she is talented and she doesn't want him to know she took the photos. So she gets Nate, the boy living in the cottage next door to enter in his name. But Nate has his own problems, his Grandmother's  memory is fading and this may be his last summer at the lake. What happens will  touch your heart. I loved this book and hope you will too. $16.99 Scholastic Ages 9-13

NORTHWOOD By: Brian Falkner

NORTHWOOD  By: Brian Falkner
Cecilia Undergarment lives in an amazing shaped house. It is shaped like a balloon and her room is at the top. She is a very thoughtful child and when she sees that the dog next door is being neglected she makes up her mind to rescue him. But when the dog runs into Northwood the forbidden forest, she must follow. No one has ever returned from the forest once they arrive. What Cecilia finds will amaze you. A great read. $12.95 Capstone  Ages 9-13


Truly hilarious story of some carpenter ants boring holes in a tree stump to see if an orange aardvark is going to eat them. It has all the colors of the rainbow and a perfect ending. All the ants wear hardhats in different colors. When I showed it to a librarian, she immediately grabbed a hardhat to use when she reads the story! $17.99 Greenwillow