Tuesday, August 16, 2011


This book has been around for forty years and they just reissued it with loads of information for women to take care of themselves. Of course it isn't a children's book, but I loved it so much that I wanted to let you know that it is available again.
Women's health issues are so important to all of us. This new version has information on HPV vaccine, our health care system, cosmetic surgery, violence against women and so much more. With 848 pages to help guide you through everything.
$26.00 Touchstone Books

Monday, August 15, 2011

MARTY MCGUIRE By: Kate Messner Ages 7-10

MARTY MCGUIRE  By: Kate Messner
What a delightful book! Marty is more of a tomboy than a fu fu girl! So when she gets picked to play the princess in the play the Frog Prince she is definitely not going to do it! Then her teacher calls home to talk to her Mom, Marty is told she will play the part! What happens from there will keep your kids laughing. This is one that I will recommend for years to come.  $16.99  Scholastic Press  Ages 7-10


As everyone knows I love to cook and in fact made my own baby food for my children when they were growing up. So when this cookbook came along I was indeed interested. It will not let you down. It has fabulous recipes to get you started on feeding great foods to you baby, but it also has incredible recipes for when they are toddlers all the way up to grown up! I would feed these to guests, not even children. Mini vegetable burgers,New England seafood pot pies ( with a smiley face on top), orzo risotto, and even strawberry sorbet pops. The photos make everything appetizing too! So go out a splurge on this great cookbook, you will love it.  $17.99 Atria

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

BEAR IN UNDERWEAR By: Todd H. Toodler Ages 2 on up

BEAR IN UNDERWEAR  By: Todd H. Doodler
I just shared this fabulous story with my four-year-old Grandson Aidan. Bear is playing hide and seek with his friends in the forest. Bear gets hungry and goes home, but stumbles across a backpack in the road. When the animals come to find him they tell him to open the backpack. When he does their are lots of underpants! Of course he tries them all on and finally finds the one that fits just right! And the animals try the rest! Perfect for you little one, and a book you can read over and over. $12.99 for the book and $12.00 for the stuffed bear. Blue Apple Books  Ages 2 on up.

LIESL & PO By: Lauren Oliver Ages 8-12

LIESL & PO  By: Lauren Oliver
Liesl is locked in the attic by her evil stepmother. One day a shadow appears, it is the ghost of Po and his companion Bundle. Bundle is neither a cat or a dog, but looks a little like both. With their help Liesl escapes from the attic to collect her father's ashes and return them to the place he wants to be buried.
What happens on her journey will keep you intrigued to the end, for it is filled with harrowing escapes and powerful magic.
Loved this book and I know you children will love it too. Ages 8-12  $16.99 HarperCollins  Coming October, 2011

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


What a delightful cookbook! This book is packed with fabulous recipes, for not only desserts, but also for great dinners. One of my favorite recipes were the fruit flowers. They look just like the fruit you order from the flower companies, but you can do them yourselves. Your children can eat healthy and still have a Princess party. There are even fairy broomsticks. Even though it says it is for princesses, I plan on making quite a few of these recipes with my grandsons. Chocolate dipped strawberry buds, movie theater-style nachos, and crazy egghead sandwiches to name a few. Simon and Schuster

WILDWOOD By: Colin Meloy Ages 8-12

WILDWOOD  By: Colin Meloy
Prue has a very ordinary life, she also has a little brother that she watches for her parents. One day a murder of crows comes a takes her baby brother into the air and goes into the impassable wilderness. Prue knows that she alone must find him. So she heads for the impassable woods, only to be followed by Curtis, one of the kids in her school. Thus begins an adventure beyond her imagination, talking coyotes, bandits, mystics and the worst person of all the Governess Alexandra. Will they be able to find her brother in time. The book is filled with danger and magic. Sure to be a favorite. Ages 8-12 Blazer and Bray  $16.99

GOONEY BIRD ON THE MAP By: Lois Lowry Ages 6-9 Humor

If you don't know about Gooney Bird Greene you must read her other books to learn about this hilarious young person. In this book Gooney Bird is in second grade. Mrs. Pidgeon's class is celebrating a lot in February: presidents' birthdays, Valentine's Day and a school vacation. When three of the kids in the class are headed to exciting vacations, Gooney Bird comes up with her own exciting plan. Send the whole class on a mission to see the United States. This is a history lesson no one will ever forget. Ages 6-9  $15.99  Houghton Mifflin  Coming in November 2011