Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dark Goddess By: Starwat Chadda

DARK GODDESS By: Starwat Chadda
Still grieving after the death of her best fiend, Kay, Billi is called back to the Templars to investigate some suspicious werewolf activity a few towns over. But what was supposed to be a routine inspection turns into a dangerous adventure when the Templars stumble across a little girl who has the power to end the world. And of course things only get worse when the little girl, known as the Spring Child, is taken by a band of evil werewolves called the Polenitsy. ow it's up to Billi to travel across the globe to Russia, earn the trust of Ivan Romanov, a mysterious young werewolf slayer, and save the spring Child before it's too late and she cause the end of the world. Ages 12 and up $17.99 Hyperion Reviewed by Maggie age 16

Girl Wonder By: Alexa Martin

GIRL WONDER By: Alexa Martin
Charlotte Locke has been living under the shadow of her parent and brother for almost her entire life. Her mother is a well known professor, her father a famous writer with a new bestseller on his hands, and her little brother is a genius. So when Charlotte is rejected for the fancy private school, she feels even more inferior. But then she meets Amanda, the Girl Wonder, and begins to fall in love with the gorgeous, sophisticated, but totally off-limits Neal and everything changes Boring Charlotte is transformed into awesome Charlotte and she really, really likes it. Ages 13 up. $16.99 Hyperion

Love, Inc. By: Yvonne Collins and Sandy Rideout

LOVE, INC. By: Yvonne Collins and Sandy Rideout
Zahra, Kali, and Syd have all watched their parent's marriages fall apart. But everything will be okay because they each have a tall, dark, and handsome boyfriend to lean on. Only, it's not. When the three girls meet in group counseling, they discover they have more in common then they think: they've all been triple-timed by the same boy, Eric, aka Rico, aka Rick. The girls are devastated, but decide that Eric/Rico/Rick needs to learn the error of his ways. After the girls successfully carry out their revenge they soon have clients lining up for their consulting services. Seeking to find your perfect match? Are you looking for revenge on an ex? Do you need break-up advice? Then Love, Inc. is just what you need. Ages 11 and up $16.99 Hyperion Reviewed by Maggie age 16

Demonglass By: Racheal Hawkins

DEMONGLASS By: Racheal Hawkins
Sophie Mercer thought she was a witch. That's why she went to Hex Hall, a school for delinquent mystical creatures call Prodigium. But, as it turn out, Sophie isn't a witch at all. She's a demon, one of the only two int he world. Or so she thought. After she lands in London, Sophie discovers that there are two more demons living just down the hall. Which is bad, really bad. Not only does Sophie have to worry about controlling her demonic powers, but now she has to find whoever
has been raising the new demons and stop them before they start another war. Meanwhile, The Eye, an evil group trying to wipe out all Prodigium, is trying to hut Sophie down. And they''re using Archer, a boy that Sophie loves to do it. Ages 12 and up. $16.99 Hyperion Reviewed by Maggie age 16

Father of Lies By: Ann Turner-Young Adult, Salem

Lidda has always known that she was different from the other girls in Salem Village. She longs to escape from her town's strict rules and be free to live her life as she wants. But when the girls in her village begin to accuse the other villages of witch craft, Lidda knows that she must remain in Salem. Lidda begins to fight against the other girls, trying to clear the names of the accused. Soon she realizes that she feels and sees things that the others can't. Lidda is trying to expose the truth about the witches, but may end up as one of the accused herself. Ages 12 and up. $16.99
Reviewed by Maggie age 16