Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Dog's Way Home

A DOG'S WAY HOME By: Bobbie Pyron
When a really bad accident leaves Tam stranded on the opposite side of the mountain from eleven year old Abby, the dog begins a long journey home. The story never lets you lose hope that a dog can journey home to the child he loves. But then Tam is in trouble and can Abby convince her parents that the dog needs her now? A dramatic story that will fill your heart. Ages 8-12 $16.99 Katherine Tegen Books


UNEARTHLY By: Cynthia Hand
Clara has known that she is an angel for a while now and she has excepted that one day she will receive her purpose for life and save whoever or whatever she needs to save. But nothing can prepare her for what is about to happen. Flying lessons, wild fires, and Fallen Angels are the least of her worries as Clara begins to fall in love with the wrong boy. Before she knows it she is being forced to choose between what she knows is her destiny and what she knows is right. The first book in a trilogy, Unearthly will leave you guessing until the end. Ages 12 and up. $17.99 Harperteen


ANGELFIRE By: Courtney Allison Moulton
As Ellie approaches her seventeenth birthday she begins to have terrifying nightmares. They are so real and vivid that she can't help but wonder if they are real. Then a teacher dies in a terrible accident and she meets Nick, a mysterious older boy. With everything that Ellie has been through, she can't help but feel like something big is about to happen. And it does. Late on the night of her seventeenth birthday, Ellie learns of her real identity when her powers are released. She must now fight off evil monsters and save the human race for the Apocalypse. Angelfire is the first book in a series of three. It is a great beginning to what is sure to be a thrilling trilogy. Ages 14 and up. $17.99 Katherine Tegen Books

Once a Full Moon

ONCE A FULL MOON By: Ellen Schreiber
Legend's Run has always been famous for their scary stories. Celeste never believed those stories, but after she witnesses the new kid, Brandon, receive a bite from a ravenous wolf under a full moon, she has her doubts. Especially when Brandon starts acting strangely as the moon begins to fill again. But despite this strange behavior Celeste still finds her self drawn to the quiet loner, even when her life becomes endangered by their closeness. Ages 12 and up $16.99 Katherine Tegen Books

Fancy Nancy Aspiring Artist

When Nancy's friend Bree is out of town she doesn't know what to do. But her Mom comes to rescue with glitter markers. What could be more fun to
this artiste! Watch as she becomes even more creative. Ages 4-7
$12.99 Harper

Little White Rabbit

Little White Rabbit is off on an adventure away from home. Along the way he wonders what it would be like to be different that he really is. Anything is possible is this touching book.
Ages 2-5 $16.99 Greenwillow

Story of the Leprechaun

The shoemaker in the village is a talented leprechaun who has saved all of his money from fixing other peoples shoes. One day a greedy man decides that he wants all of the money. The leprechaun needs to make sure his gold is safe forever. Read this story to find out if he succeeds. Ages 3-8 $12.99 Harper

Dear Tabby

DEAR TABBY By: Carolyn Crimi
Tabby Cat has an advice column. Tabby helps all the creatures of Critterville with their problem, but can Tabby find happiness for herself? Ages 4-8 $15.99 Harper


Look out Pinkalicious loses a tooth, it is her sweet tooth! Now candy isn't sweet anymore and Pickalicious doesn't know what to do, so she enlists the help of the tooth fairy only to hear from Cupid, the Easter Bunny, and a Christmas elf instead. What is she to do? Ages 5-8 $17.99 Harper

Goldie and the Three Hares

Goldie falls down a rabbit hole after being chased by the Three Bears. Unfortunately the rabbits are home and Goldie is injured. How will they get this girl to leave and never come back. You will really enjoy this twist on a fairy tale classic!
Ages 4-7 $16.99 Katherine Tegen Books

Invisible Man

INVISIBLE MAN By: Arthur Yorinks
Sy has a great fruit which he sells to his customers. He could cure anything with a piece of fruit. But one day Sy turns invisible and not even prunes makes him appear again. A very funny story that will keep your children wondering if Sy will ever appear again. Ages 4-8 $16.99 Harper

Miss Dorothy and Her Bookmobile

Miss Dorothy has always dreamed of being a librarian in a fine brick library. But when she ends up in North Carolina and their are no libraries she decides to start a bookmobile. Now she can bring books to schools, farms and even at the rivers edge. A charming story you will read again and again.
Ages 6-9 $16.99 Harper


CLINK By: Kelly DiPucchio
Clink is an out of date robot, stuck on shelf in a store. All the children come in and have snazzier robots and other toys. Then one day a boy comes into the store, will he be the one to love Clink? Ages 4-7 $16.99 Blazer and Bray

Ants in Your Pants, Worms in Your Plants!

When Gilbert is assigned to do a project for Earth Day, he has trouble coming up with a topic. Read and see how much fun it is to participate in an Earth Day assignment. You will love these characters as much as I do. Great for teachers and children alike.
Ages 4-8 $16.99 Harper


PONYELLA By: Laura Numeroff and Nate Evans
Watch out Cinderella, here comes Ponyella. Ponyella is very happy until the owner of the farm bring two mean stepmares to the farm.
They make Ponyella do everything. Thank goodness for a little help from her godmare! I am sure your children will delight in this story.
Ages 4-8 $1699 Disney Hyperion

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Froggy Goes to Hawaii

Froggy can't wait to get Hawaii. He's got big plans! Surfing, swimming with the fish, learning to dance the hula, he'll be busy every moment.
But somehow, when lovable, trouble-prone Froggy's around, nothing goes as planned. Ages 3-5 $15.99 Viking Children's Books

A Nation's Hope: The Story of Boxing Legend Joe Louis

On the eve of Wold War II, African American boxer Joe Louis fought German Max Schmeling in a bout that had more at stake than just the world heavy-weight title; for much of America their fight came to represent America's war with Germany. This powerful picture book biography centers around the historic fight in which Black and White America were able to put aside prejudice and come together to celebrate our nation's ideals. Ages 6-10 $17.99 Dial Books

Red Wagon

RED WAGON By: Renata Liwska
All Lucy wants to do is play with her brand-new, bright red wagon. but her mother has other plans for her and the wagon. Lucy must to to the market to buy vegetables for dinner. Of course it isn't what she wants to do. But she goes none-the-less. Before long her trip becomes a high-seas adventure, a ride through outer space, and a day at the circus. Not even chores with her little red wagon can get in her way of fun. Ages 3-5 $16.99 Philomel Books

Painter and Ugly

Painter and Ugly are best friends, They run together, they swim together, and they eat together out of the same bowl. They are inseparable! Then they are forced apart and put on two different teams for the junior Iditarod. But nothing can keep them apart. When during the race Painter finds a boy musher alone, stranded on the trail, he calls out, "Yip!" and Ugly answers his call. These old friends team up to finish the race, together again, side by side. A great book to use in the classroom when you are studying the Iditarod. Ages 5-9 $16.99 Philomel Books

Just In Time, Abraham Lincoln

Michael and Derek go to visit a Civil War museum with their grandmother.
Not exactly what these children who play video games are really
interested in doing. But before they know it they walk through a
door straight into a realistic depiction of 1863. They see the destruction
at the battlefield of Antietam, and even meet President Lincoln. Soon, they start to wonder if it's really a game, after all, and suddenly they're racing
across Confederate occupied land to return to their own time before it's too late.
Ages 7-11 $17.99 G.P. Putnam A great book for older children to
learn about history. Patricia Polacco really captivates the children.

Loopy Coop Hens

LOOPY COOP HENS By: Janet Morgan Stoeke
The hens all want to fly, they have wings, but can't get off the ground. Rooster flies, why can't they fly, they try hard enough! Hilarious pictures will keep your children engaged in this enchanting story. Dutton Children's Books. Ages 3-5

Chocolate Moose

Chocolate Moose loves chocolate almost as much as he loves to help. When this Big moose, starts helping in Mrs. Mouse's little kitchen, the only thing he cooks up is a huge chocolate mess. But Mrs. Mouse's fours little mice don't mind at all, could this messy baker make the perfect babysitter? Will make all your little ones laugh when they see Moose trying to work. Ages 3-5 Dutton Children's Books $16.99

Runaway Wok

RUNAWAY WOK By: Ying Chang Compestine
When a boy goes to the market to buy food and comes home with an old wok instead, his parents wonder what they'll eat for dinner. But then the wok rolls out of the poor family's house with a skippity-hippity-ho! and returns from the rich man's home with a feast in tow! This reminds me of Strega Nona's Magic Pot and a magic frying pan for Hanukkah. A great story for ages 4-8. $16.99 Dutton

Where She Went

WHERE SHE WENT By: Gayle Forman
It has been three years since a devastating accident took the lives of Mia's parents and brother. And three years since Mia walked out of her boyfriend Adam's life forever. Now Mia is at Julliard, a rising star in classical music, and Adam is in LA, about to tour the world with his band. They thought they would never see each other again, but the Adam finds himself stuck in New York. Some strange twist of fate has brought the couple back together, but is it too late for Mia and Adam? Or will one night under the city lights be enough to rekindle their lost love? Ages 14 and up. Dutton Books April 2011 Reviewed by Maggie.

Desires of the Dead

DESIRES OF THE DEAD By: Kimberly Derting
Violet Ambrose is haunted by her morbid ability to sense the echoes of those
who have been murdered. After discovering the body of a young boy, Violet attracts the attention of the FBI. She reluctantly agrees to help them with their investigation, but soon finds that more than her secret ability will be endangered the farther she immerses herself in the case. Her relationship and possibly her life are at stake if she continues to help the FBI. Now Violet has to choose between keeping her secret or getting justice for the murdered. Ages 14 and up. $16.99
Harper Reviewed by Maggie.

Between Shades of Gray

Lina was just an ordinary fifteen-year-old Lithuanian girl before Soviet officers barged into her home late one evening in June 1941. Separated from her father and forced to live in horrible conditions, Lina, her mother and her brother must find a way to survive. Lina learns to find solace in her art and begins to meticulously document the horrible events happening all around her. hoping that, one day, her drawings will make their way to her father to let him know that she is alive. But the more she draws, the more danger she puts herself and family in. Her drawings may even cost them their lives. Ages 12 and up. $17.99 Philomel Books Reviewed by Maggie March 2011