Saturday, April 21, 2012

WANDERLOVE By: Kristen Hubbard Ages 14 and up

WANDERLOVE  By: Kristen Hubbard
Bria Sandoval has just packed herself up and signed up for a guided tour of Central America where she hopes to recommit to her art work, be independent, and enjoy some no-strings-attached hookups. Only there's one problem, Bria signed up for the wrong tour. Instead of having a Central American adventure she finds herself stuck snapping bad photos with a bunch of middle-aged tourists. So when Bria meets
Rowan and his sister starling, she decides to ditch her group and join them as they travel off the beaten path. Bria is a good girl trying to be bad, Rowan a bad boy trying to be good. Both seek to leave their selves behind and this trip will be the best way to do just that. But they can't run from their pasts forever, and Bria soon realizes if she ever wants to break free she will have to start looking back. Delacorte $17.99  Ages 14 and up  Reviewed by Maggie.

CROSS MY HEART By: Sasha Gould Ages 12 and up

CROSS MY HEART  By: Sasha Gould
Laura della Scala has spent the last four years of her life in a convent bored to tears, but when Laura learns that her older sister, Beatrice, has drowned, her life gets just a little bit more interesting. Given no time to grieve, Laura is removed form the convent and ordered to marry her sister's fiance, a disgusting old man named Vincenzo. In a state of panic Laura betrays a very  powerful man to earn her way into the
Segreta, a secret society of women who help young girls like Laura. It seems as though Laura's prayers have been answered as the Segreta put an end to her engagement. Soon, however, Laura begins to suspect that something sinister is happening int he Segreta, something that might be connected to her sister's death. $17.99 Delacorte  Ages 12 and up. Reviewed by Maggie

THE JADE NOTEBOOK By: Laura Resau Ages 10 and up

Zeeta and her flighty mom, Layla, have been traveling the globe for years. They have lived in so many beautiful places, but, for Zeeta, no place has been closer to paradise then Mazunte, Mexico. Form the beautiful jade waters to the rich local culture Mazunte has everything the Zeeta has ever wanted in a home. But the longer Zeeta stays in this paradise, the more she realizes that everything is not as its seems. Creatures howl int he jungle, sharks glide near the beaches, and the locals claim that a terrible curse haunts Zeeta's home. Soon enough Zeeta realizes that paradise has a dark side and it's turning her life upside down. Ages 10 and up $16.99 Reviewed by Maggie.

SOMEONE ELSE'S LIFE By: Kate Dale Ages 14 and up

Seventeen-year-old Rosie's mother, Trudie, has just passed away from Huntington's disease, and Rosie is convinced that she has inherited the crippling illness. So Rosie goes to get tested, only to discover that Trudie isn't her real mother. Rosie was swapped at birth for a sickly baby who was certain to die. Completely devastated by the news, she decides to join her ex-boyfriend on his gap year travels, while she tries to find her birth parents. but nothing goes as planned. Rosie discovers that her family has even more secrets then she thought, and she is left with an agonizing decision, one with heartbreaking consequences. Ages 14 and up. Delacorte $17.99 Reviewed by Maggie age 17.