Saturday, November 26, 2011


QUEEN OF THE DEAD  By: Stacey Kade
After her untimely death, former homecoming queen, Alona dare, is finding herself doing something she would have never done if she was alive: hanging out with social outcast and seer Will Killian, Helping ghosts cross over into the light. It's not really the ideal way to spend her death, but it's better than hanging our at home where her parents are throwing out everything that Alona has ever held dear. But then a strange seer girl named Mina enters Will's life and suddenly Will is ditching her too. Will has never met another seer before, so its is only natural that he would want to spend so much time with Mina, but Alona just can't get past her jealousy. Now, hurt and angry, Alona is left to fend for herself, which, let's face it, is never a good idea. Ages 12 and up. $16.99 Hyperion  Reviewed by Maggie age 16.


BEWITCHING  By: Alex Flinn
Kendra is a witch, known through the witching community for the curse she placed on that beastly teen, she's been trying to play fairy godmother on unsuspecting teens for the past five hundred years. But as Kendra has discovered, even the best intentioned curse can backfire. In a series of stories, teen witch Kendra Hilferty chronicles her existence as a witch, form the discovery of her powers to the many disastrous spells she has cast over the centuries. Filled with hilarious characters, twists and turns, and unexpected endings, Bewitching is a great read for fairy tale and fantasy lovers everywhere. Ages 13 and up. Coming February 14, 2012. Harper Teen $17.99  Reviewed by Maggie age 16.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

BELLE'S SONG By: K.M. Grant Young Adult Novel

BELLE'S SONG  By: K.M. Grant
Belle has been living with a terrible burden: A few years ago her careless acts caused her father to lose his legs. When an aspiring writer named Luke wanders into town, Belle sees her to escape from her guilt. She decides to join the pilgrimage to Canterbury to atone for her sins and pray for the return of her father's legs. Joined by Luke, famous writer, Geoffrey Chaucer, and a handsome young squire named Walter, Belle begins her journey to Canterbury with hope and excitement. But dangerous times lie ahead of the pilgrims, as Belle discovers that Chaucer is involved in treacherous politics. Suddenly the peaceful pilgrimage to save her father is transformed into terrifying adventure to stop a war. Ages 12 and up. Walker and Co. $17.99  Reviewed by Maggie age 16.

Monday, November 7, 2011

EIGHT KEYS By: Suzanne LaFleur bullying

EIGHT KEYS  By: Suzanne LaFleur
Elise is starting middle school and the day before she is playing knights with her best friend Franklin. As they are playing Elise stumbles and falls, only to scrap her legs up terribly. When school starts so does the torment of her locker partner. She continually calls her names and squashes her lunch. Elise starts to fall behind in her work and doesn't want to attend school.
Another story plays out at the same time. Elise's parents are both dead and she lives with her Aunt and Uncle. On her twelfth birthday she is given a letter. Every year she gets a letter from her father. He wrote them to her before he died. But this will be her last one. Her father has left her eight keys. They open doors in the barn outside their home. What she discovers when she acquires each key helps her figure who she is and what is important. Sure to be a classic. Kleenex's required. Ages 9-12 $16.99
Wendy Lamb Books


Ollie's family travels throughout the country preaching the word of the bible.  But then they come to Binder, Arkansas to have a revival meeting.  Ollie meets Jimmy Koppel whose mother is in jail for murdering his father. Jimmy is sure she is innocent and Ollie tries to convince her parents and siblings to help. The setting is 1957, in a town that doesn't take well to strangers. They are extremely prejudice when it comes to Jimmy and mother. Will Olivene Love be able to help Jimmy and set things right with the town? A remarkable story of a resilient family. Make sure you have your Kleenex's handy. Ages 10-14
$16.99 Farrar Straus and Giroux


SECRETS OF THE SEA  By: Richard Peck
A family of mice live in the wall of a family home in America. They have a family they look after called the Cranstons. When they are in their home they dress in clothing they have made from scrapes they have found in the house, but when they go out they don't wear clothes, so they won't draw attention. The Cranstons have a daughter they want to marry off and the prospects aren't good. So they decide to travel to England to find her a wife. The mice decide to go along as their food supply will be shipping off. So they stow away in the trunk and head to sea. Even though they are afraid of the water. What they find on the ship will delight everyone. Hundreds of mice all traveling with their families. The humor throughout this book is so engaging and the storytelling will make you smile. A great read aloud for the whole family. $16.99 Dial Books  Ages 8-12

DARK EDEN By: Patrick Carman

Dark Eden  By: Patrick Carman
Seven young adults who have been seeking treatment for phobias are sent to Fort Eden for a cure. Will Besting is among the fifteen-year-old kids sent for a week. On arrival will decides to hide out in the bomb shelter at Fort Eden, where he witnesses first hand what the Doctor has in mind for the other kids. What happens will rock his world. The suspense is great and the outcome will shock you. This is the first book in a series. Had to read it all at once, it was remarkable. $17.99  Katherine Tegen Books  Ages 11-15


Lizzie's mother is a zookeeper in the town of Dresden. The war is raging and the town throughout Germany are being bombed. Lizzie's mother has raised an Elephant at the zoo and was told all the animals would have to be shot if the town was bombed. She gets permission to take the Elephant home to her garden. When the war rages in Dresden with Elephant in tow they head out to find somewhere safe to live. Throughout their travels the Elephant helps to pave their way. A very touching story that will never leave you. Inspired by a true story. $16.99 Feiwel and Friends  Ages 10 to 13

Friday, November 4, 2011

EVERY THING ON IT By: Shel Silverstein

EVERY THING ON IT  By: Shel Silverstein
I bought Shel Silverstein's Every Thing On It for my granddaughters. We are having such a great time reading the poems in it. The five-year-old insisted on my reading the "Every Thing On It" to her dad who orders his sandwiches that way. Then she gleefully showed him the picture of everything he could get! Both girls memorized the poem on the end page shaped like a circle. Now whenever they have a spare minute, they walk in a circle and repeat the poem. The poem "The One Who Invented Trick or Treat" has been great for Halloween. While they are counting their candy, I always remind them of the dentist who is waiting for them! Reviewed by my friend Julie Hoch. Another review is posted also, but this book is not to missed!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


WITCHLANDERS  By: Lena Coakley
Living high up in the mountains the red witches pray to goddess, throwing bones, telling the future, and protecting the Witchlanders from danger. Ryder has heard these stories of witches since he was just a little boy. He's just never believed them. But when a terrifying, evil creature attacks his village, Ryder has no choice but to travel into the mountains and beg the "witches" for help. Everything he's ever believed about magic, the witches, and himself changes on his journey to save his village. As Ryder braves the steep mountain ledges he discovers that witches may not be as make believe as he once thought and they're magic may be the only way to save his home. Ages 12 and up. Antheneum $16.99 Reviewed by Maggie age 16.

LIFE ETERNAL By: Yvonne Woon

LIFE ETERNAL  By: Yvonne Woon                                                      
 Last May, Renee Winters died and was brought back to life by her undead boyfriend, Dante Berlin. Now Renee is stuck in boarding school, with little to no way of contacting her soul mate. The separtation is almost unbearable and Dante's second life is close to an end. With each passing day, Dante grows weaker and weaker and will soon fade into nothing. Renee is just about to give up hope when she learns of the Nine Sisters, a group of scholars who, according to legend, learned how to cheat. The Sisters are Dante's last chance, but the deeper Renee digs into their legend the more danger she puts herself in and the closer Dante comes to destruction. Will Renee be able to save her soul mate, or is Dante's existence doomed to be cut short? Ages 13 and up. Hyperion  Coming January of 2012. Reviewed by Maggie age 16.

PAST PERFECT By: Leila Sales

PAST PERFECT  By: Leila Sales
Chelsea was looking forward to summer. She was going to hang out with her best friend and eat so much ice cream it was going to make her sick. Sure, working at Essex Colonial Village wasn't her first choice for a summer job, but she can deal. There's just one problem. When Chelsea shows up for work, she discovers that her ex, Ezra, the boy who broke her heart into a thousand tiny pieces is going to be working there too. There goes her perfect summer. With Ezra looming like a rain cloud, a war with the civil war reenactment kids to strategize, and her new crush being totally, 100% off limits, Chelsea has a lot to figure out. Chelsea is really just ready for the summer to be over, but moving on is tough, especially when you are (literally) living in the past. Ages 14 and up. Simon Pulse $16.99 Reviewed by Maggie age 16.

ALWAYS WAR By: Margaret Peterson Haddix

ALWAYS WAR  By: Margaret Peterson Haddix
Tessa's country has been at war for as long as she can remember, but she has hope that it will end soon. Her childhood friend, Gideon Thrall, has just led a successful attack on the enemy territory taking out thousands of enemy troops. He is deemed a hero and is awarded a medal for courage, but instead of accepting the award, Gideon runs away. Tessa is startled, and decides to follow Gideon as he flees from his award ceremony. Before she realized it, she is stowed away on a rouge aircraft headed into enemy territory. Thousands of miles from home. Tessa must brave through battle fields and dangerous wilds. But everything is not as it seems outside of the city. One her journey home, Tessa discovers a truth that alters everything she has ever thought about the war. It's a truth that will change the world. Ages 12 and up. Simon $16.99  Reviewed by Maggie.

MELODY BURNING By: Whitley Strieber

MELODY BURNING  By: Whitley Strieber
Beresford doesn't remember much about his past. he has been living in the chutes of air-ducts of the high-rise that shares his name that he can't even remember his age. Traveling from apartment to apartment, Beresford was perfectly content with his life living as a squatter. But then Melody McGarth moves into an apartment on the fiftieth floor. Beautiful, rich, and famous, Melody is Hollywood's golden girl. It's no surprise when Beresford begins to fall in love with her. But Beresford is wild and the owner of the building wants him out, even if it means destroying the high-rise in the process. With danger looming just behind him, Beresford realizes that he will have to make a choice. Melody or himself? Ages 15-18 Henry Holt  Coming December 6, 2011 Reviewed by Maggie