Saturday, August 7, 2010

Juvenile Detention, Something Like Hope, Novel

Shavonne is only seventeen, yet she has seen more and experienced more than any seventeen year old should. She currently lives in a juvenile detention center. With the help of Mr. Delpopolol, Shavonne learns to understand that her behavior is destructive. She finally begins to unravel the truth about her crack head mother, a baby she had that went straight into foster care, and a younger brother, Marcus. But the inmates and staff at the center take their tole on Shavonne and you keep hoping everything will be okay. The language is powerful, but it makes the story believable. I couldn't put it down. Ages 14 up $16.99 Delacorte Press

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Young Fredle, By Cynthia Voigt, Novel

YOUNG FREDLE By: Cynthia Voigt
Even though this books isn't coming out till January of 2011, I wanted to let you know how truly adventurous it will be for your family.
Fredle is a house mouse, living in the wall with his family. They only forage for food at night when it is safer. Then one day the unthinkable happens. Fredle and Axle eat too much of something they aren't sure what, but it makes them really sick. Fredle is sent off by his family, for know one that is sick is allowed to remain. From there is adventures begin. He is an outside mouse now. Will he make it on his own, with raccoons, cats, snakes and other predators. An engaging story that will have your children on the edge of their seats. Ages 8-12 $16.99 Knopf
On a personal note, I would read this out loud to my younger children, for they would appreciate the story.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Familiars, Wizards, Fantasy

THE FAMILIARS By: Adam Epstein & Andrew Jacobson
Aldwyn is an ordinary alley cat who survives by stealing food. One day he is caught and narrowly escapes. But his troubles are hardly over for he is being chased by Grimslade a bounty hunter. When running away he ends up in another place he is unfamiliar with. While escaping he ends up in a pet store, or should I say a shop who sells familiars to loyals. He is soon purchased for Jack a young wizard in training. There he meets two other familiars, Skylar a blue jay, and Gregory a tree frog. Thus begins an adventure you won't forget. The book will keep you intrigued to the last page. Ages 8-12 $16.99 Harper September 2010

Rose Cottage Tales, Emily Bearn, Tumtum and Nutmeg Novel

Tumtum and Nutmeg live in Nuthouse hall. The holidays are approaching and
the children in the house are worried they won't get a present again this year. So Tumtum and Nutmeg go to Baron Toymouse to see if he will let them have a gifts for Lucy and Arthur. But he has other ideas. This tale will be a delight for your children. And there is a Seaside Surprise too.
Ages 8-12 $16.99 Little Brown

The Candymakers, Chocolate, Novel Ages 8-12

This delightful novel has four wonderful characters who are competing to create the next delicious chocolate morsel. Logan is the candymaker's son, Miles who is allergic to many things, Daisy, who has muscles anyone would be excited to have, and Philip who doesn't even eat chocolate. What you get is mouthwatering adventure with suspense and surprises. Ages 8-12 $16.99 Little Brown