Friday, December 31, 2010


WITHER By: Lauren DeStefano
Because of genetic engineering, makes are only living to the age of twenty-five and females are dying at the age of twenty.
To keep the population from dying out, girls are being kidnapped and sold into marriages. When Rhine is taken, she finds herself in a world of privilege, wealth, and terrible secrets. Despite the genuine love of her hew husband and the trust of her sister wives, Rhine is desperate to regain her freedom. So, with the help of a cute servant boy named Gabriel, Rhine begins to formulate the terrible sickness that infects every girl of that age. Ages 14 and up Simon and Schuster Reviewed by Maggie

Iron Thorn

IRON THORN By: Caitlin Kittredge
Aoife Grayson has just a few weeks until she turns sixteen, the age when everyone in her family goes mad. Determined to fight the madness, Aoife escapes from her boarding school with best friend Cal and an outlaw guide named Dean and sets out to find her father. But what she finds instead is a world full of forbidden magic and a dark secret that has haunted the Grayson family for generations. Now Aoife must unravel the dark plotting of an evil Fae called Tremaine and save her city before she turns sixteen and her mind surrenders to the madness. Ages 12 and up. $17.99 Delacorte Press Reviewed by Maggie February 2011

Tiger's Curse

TIGER'S CURSE By: Colleen Houck
The last thing Kelsey thought she'd be doing this summer was trying to break a three hundred year old curse with a mysterious tiger named Ren, halfway around the world in India. She did not think that she would have to face dark magic, dangerous prophecies and mysterious worlds where nothing is as it seems. Kelsey honestly didn't expect to risk her life to break a tiger's curse. But that's exactly what happened. there goes her plans for a normal summer vacation. Ages 12 and up. $17.95 Sterling Reviewed by Maggie

Across the Universe

Amy was supposed to be asleep for three hundred years. She was supposed to wake up with her parents when they landed on another planet far in the future. That's what she had signed up for. But Amy wakes up fifty years before their spaceship is scheduled to land. Now she is stuck on Godspeed, a spaceship governed by strange rules and inhabited by even stranger people. Amy soon realizes that her awakening was no mistake; some one on board was trying to kill her. Amy must unlock Godspeed's secrets and save her parents before it's too late and Amy ends up lost in space forever. Ages 12 and up.
$17.99 Ravorbill Reviewed by Maggie Age 16 Coming March 2011