Monday, September 28, 2015

HONEST TRUTH By: Dan Gemeinhart

HONEST TRUTH  By: Dan Gemeinhart
Mark has a great friend Jessie, they write haiku poems to each other and leave them as notes. He also has a dog named Beau. Everything seems normal, but Mark is really sick, the kind of sick that may not be fixed.
So Mark decides to run away from home with Beau to reach Mount Rainer, a promise he made to his grandfather. Along the way he is robbed, beaten and you would think he would quit, but the determination is astounding. You will not be able to put this book down. A great read and a lot to discuss. $16.99 Ages 12 and up.Scholastic

CIRCUS MIRANDUS By: Cassie Beasley

CIRCUS MIRANDUS  By: Cassie Beasley
Micah lives with his grandpa Ephraim, who tells him wonderful stories of a place called Circus Mirandus. His grandfather is dying and he is sure that the Lightbender at Circus Mirandus can cure him. He knows this because his grandfather told him he owes him a favor. So Micah sets off to find this magical place. What he encounters is not what he expected, nor what he wishes. A fabulous read that you won't be able to put down. $17.99 Ages 8 and up. Dial

ENCHANTED AIR By: Margarita Engle

ENCHANTED AIR  By: Margarita Engle
Margarita is the daughter of an American father and a Cuban mother. This is a memoir of her life before the Cold War. Written in prose you will be transported to Cuba and it's wonderful culture. How Margarita went to Cuba every summer to spend time with her grandma, great grandma and all her relatives. Learning about all the beautiful plants and trees that she encountered on her trips and what a rich childhood she had living in both places. Then when she was no longer able to go to Cuba and how their lives changed. I feel like I was right with her all through her childhood. One of the best books of the season. Atheneum $17.99 Ages 12 and up. I feel this could be read by younger children, would be a great book for discussion with the embargo that has been lifted.

WHERE ARE MY BOOKS? By: Debbie Ridpath Ohi

WHERE ARE MY BOOKS?  Debbie Ridpath Ohi
Spencer is going crazy, his books are missing. Who on earth could be taking them, He is searching high and low.When he finally finds out who took his books you will be totally shocked. I won't give away a great ending for I am sure you and your children will love it as much as I do. Ages 4-8 Simon and Schuster


Tacky and his friends are going to decorate their igloo with the scariest stuff for Halloween. Of course Tacky just sits off to the side and eats treats. Then the have to make really scary costumes and of course Tacky thinks of bubbles. Not exactly scary. On Halloween night as the penguins give out treats, a really scary costume comes along. Turns out it is the wolves.Will Tacky save the day. Your children will love this new book. $16.99 HMH  Ages 3 up.

DUMPLIN By: Julie Murphy

DUMPLIN  By: Julie Murphy
Willowdean is a fat girl. She knows she is and she likes herself. But her mother is in charge of the beauty pageant in town that she won years ago and it is really annoying to Willowdean. Her whole home is turned upside down by this pageant. 
But since Willowdean is at a private school she is getting some attention from one of the boys at school. She is surprised as he is good looking and a former jock. She is also surprised that she likes him back.
Enter Willowdeans idea to enter the pageant, little does she know that she inspired some of the other girls that aren't what you would call pageant material. Now things really get interesting. 
Loved this book, it is honest and thought provoking. Their is some language if that troubles you. 
Balzer and Bray $17.99 14 and up.

ONE By: Sarah Crossan

ONE  By: Sarah Crossan
Grace and Tippi are conjoined twins, joined at the waist each having two arms and upper bodies. They are sixteen years old. Done in prose this novel will give you a glimpse at what it like to be in their shoes. They head off to a public school for the very first time and are really enjoying meeting new people. But something is changing in their bodies that they can't ignore. A heart wrenching novel that you won't be able to put down. Ages 13 and up. $17.99 Greenwillow


 Rory is a thoughtful boy who is quite small and he get bullied a lot by Tommy-Lee. He is so excited for a field trip, only to be pushed in the water by other classmates. That wouldn't be so bad if he hadn't turned green. I don't mean army green, or all the other shades, I mean the color of broccoli. Everyone is worried about him being contagious, so he is sent to the hospital and who should his roommate be than his nemesis Tommy-Lee. He too has turned this incredible color. Now the doctor is determined to find the cause, lots of blood tests, urine samples, all green. Then Rory discovers that Tommy-Lee sleepwalks and he of course has to follow. It takes them all over London in the middle of the night. Will these kids who have proclaimed themselves superheros become normal again? A great read. Ages 8-12 Walden Pond Press $16.99

HOW TO SWALLOW A PIG By: Steve Jenkins & Robin Page

HOW TO SWALLOW A PIG  By: Steve Jenkins & Robin Page
"So you want to learn how to swallow a pig. You've come to the right place. Follow these step-by-step instructions, and soon you'll acquire the dining skills of a large snake. But maybe you're not quite ready to gulp down a hairy four-legged animal. Don't worry-there are lots of other useful techniques you can master. After all, you never know when you might need to spin a web, disguise yourself as a jellyfish, battle a sheep, or catch a wildebeest. Just take it slow, and remember: practice makes perfect." So begins the great art work and story of Jenkins and Page. Not to be missed by the non-fiction lover. $17.99 All ages

WAITING By: Kevin Henkes

WAITING  By: Kevin Henkes
A sweet little book with of course fabulous illustrations, by the incredible Kevin Henkes. Waiting is about five little toy animals looking out the window, there is owl, pig, bear, dog and rabbit. As they look out the window the weather changes, they reminisce about who had come before. Maybe they are just waiting for you to arrive and read this charming book. Ages 2 on up. Greenwillow $17.99


When Lady Truthful's magical emerald disappears she sets out on a quest to find it. Most people think that eighteen is not old enough to go out in to London by herself, probably because this book takes place in the 19th century and she has not come out yet. Under more investigation by her allies ( a famous author and his friend)  she learns that her emerald has the power to change the world. I would not recommend this book to people who are expecting fantasy or adventure because this book is more about life in the olden days from a young girls point of view. Reviewed by Ella age 11. Grades 10-12  Katherine Tegen Books $18.99

CONNECT THE STARS By: Marisa de los Santos and David Teague

CONNECT THE STARS   By: Marisa de los Santos and David Teague
Audrey Alcott can always tell when a person is lying, every single time. So after her friend lies to her she completely gives up on the human race. Of course this is not always easy so she goes to a 6 week camp in the Texas desert. There she is forced to rely on the other kids in the group to survive.
Aaron Archer has a photographic memory, he never fits in with other kids. But in the Texas desert ti doesn't matter how smart you are as long as you can survive. 
Suddenly when a camper disappears all of the campers have to put aside their differences and work together to uncover an even bigger mystery than a missing camper.  Reviewed by Ella age 11. Harper Ages 8-12 $16.99

Friday, September 25, 2015


Nashoba is very old for a wolf and his pack is hungry. The younger wolf wants to be the new leader of the pack and they get into a fight. Nashoba is still the leader, but he was injured and is suffering. 
Meanwhile Casey plays computer games at home and has a birthday. His father gets him two books on using a bow and arrow. He studies them and for his birthday and later in the day he gets a real bow and arrow. Told only to use it when his father is home. 
Well Nashoba with the help of a raven leads his pack to some elk. Unfortunately it doesn't go as planned and he is injured.
Casey goes against his father's wishes and uses the bow and arrow. He thinks he is responsible for the wolf's injury. 
A great story for children that need to learn about safety and consequences. Ages 8-12 Anthenum  $16.99


By: Eric Comstock & Marilyn Sadler
When it is pizza night at Charlie's house, and they have to figure out how to divide it among six people. This is a great book for anyone who wants to do math with their children. It talks about how you have to divide it up. The dog in story wants pizza too and then a slice goes missing, could it possibly be him.  It has a great twist to the ending. Ages 4-8 Harper Collins $17.99