Tuesday, February 28, 2012

HUMMING ROOM By: Ellen Potter Ages 8-12

HUMMING ROOM  By: Ellen Potter
When Roo's parents are murdered, Roo is sent to live with an Uncle she didn't know she had. Her Uncle lives on Cough Rock Island, an old tuberculosis sanitarium. She is told to stay away from the west wing of the house and not to bother her Uncle. But Roo's curiosity gets the better of her as she hears a strange humming coming from another room. What is that humming noise? And who is the strange boy she sees on the river? As Roo asks too many question she sets out to find the truth. What she discovers is a garden with a magic secret. A book that will be treasured just like the Secret Garden. Ages 8-12  $16.99 Feiwel and Friends

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Underground Trailer

Denise Fleming is a local author illustrator and a good friend. Her books are wonderful for young children and I wanted to share her latest book that will be coming out. If you ever need one autographed just let me know. Enjoy the trailer. Marcia

ONE DOG AND HIS BOY By: Eva Ibbotson Ages 8-12

ONE DOG AND HIS BOY   By: Eva Ibbotson
Hal lives with his family in London wanting for nothing, but a dog. His tenth birthday is approaching and his mother won't have a dog in the house. "Think of the mess, the scratch-marks, the puddles on the floor." So in comes rent a pet, his Dad takes him there to pick out a dog. Fleck is everything he ever imagined. Hal doesn't know it is only temporary and soon finds his dog returned.  What is a boy to do? He runs away with Fleck and Pippa the girl from the pet store and four other dogs. Heading to Scotland to his grandparents house they encounter many obstacles along the way. A wonderful story that will keep you glued to the pages. $16.99 Scholastic  Ages 8-12

Friday, February 17, 2012

DEAD TO YOU By: Lisa McMann Young Adult

DEAD TO YOU  By: Lisa McMann
When I first picked up this novel I thought it was a book very similar to the Face on the Milk Carton by: Caroline Cooney. But boy was I ever wrong.
Ethan is sixteen years old and he realizes he was abducted when he was just seven. After living in a group home and then on the streets, Ethan does some research in the library and finds he is the missing son of a family in Minnesota. So begins his journey home, but because of some trauma he doesn't remember anything before he was taken. His younger brother doesn't believe he is Ethan. The story keeps you on the edge of you seat, only to give you and ending that totally shocks you. Sexual content and language, that is appropriate for the storyline. Ages 14 up. $16.99 Simon Pulse